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  • The only way to become a FULL Next Level University Member is to join eXp Realty and name a sponsor who is already a Next Level University Member. However, any agent from any brokerage can gain LIMITED access to ONLY our University courses and products by purchasing them. This will not give you access to the other NLA benefits, such as the online and in-person masterminds, the free coaching, free collaboration and our life changing passive income program.

  • Next Level Agents are one of the fastest growing and largest groups in eXp because we are some of the top agents, team leaders and recruiters in the company. We sell more homes and sponsor more agents than most, and other agents want to be a part of that.

  • Next Level Agents is one of the largest eXp Realty groups, with some of the most successful agents in the World.

  • Next Level Agents represents many of the top 50 solo agents in eXp Realty as well as small, medium and mega teams. NLA represents billions in combined annual real estate production. 

  • We meet multiple times a week online, share openly and help each other succeed at the highest levels!

  • Our group combines and shares the best of our playbooks helping our members launch quicker, sell more homes and scale with ease.

Value Stack

  • Next Level Agents Are more productive with less stress!  Our agents sell more homes and are happier. They feel a sense of community and tribe. They are owners of the eXp brokerage. And they are building long term wealth through stocks and residual reoccurring eXp revenue share. 

  • Next Level Agent University teaches agent launch courses, lead generation online and offline, systems, team building, and broker/owner alternatives so they can scale without the risk and time suck of a traditional brokerage.

  • Lead Generation course and weekly coaching. Our agents learn social media, open house, farming, paid leads, organic, phone sales, networking, past client and sphere events, and more. Build a business with multiple legs with a firm foundation. 

  • Done-for-You Buyer and Listing Presentations script book and other systems so you can sell more!

  • Weekly Online Masterminds covering sales production, team building and how to grow passive income. 

  • Online Classes from top Next Level Agents! LINK

  • Weekly Podcast with top agents and interesting non-agent speakers! LINK

  • Facebook Group with 27,000+ members sharing ideas freely! LINK

  • In Person Events locally and nationally. We have a fun and tight knit tribe! 

  • 1-on-1 FREE Coaching to help you level up your business!

  • A Fun Tribe so you can have community and collaboration! 

  • Unlock these FREE benefits by joining eXp Realty and naming a full Next Level University member as your Sponsor.

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Value Stack

  • LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the National Association of Expert Advisors so you can leverage our PROVEN marketing tools.

  • CERTIFIED HOME BUYER ADVISOR DESIGNATION so you have a system of attraction that gets buyers to meet with you.

  • BUYER AGENT TRAINING so you don’t have to invest your time training your agents every week.

  • WEEKLY LIVE CALLS with Jay, Michael, and Al on what’s working now inside the Honey Badger Facebook Group.

  • BUYER AGENT TRAINING so you don’t have to invest your time training your agents every week.

eXp Resources

Everything you'll ever need in one place regarding all things eXp!

eXp Training Schedule

In order to be a champion, you must train like a champion.  Check out eXp University and grow your knowledge and your business.

eXp Events

Be in the know where the next eXp Event is at, and where the Gold to Sold Group will be next!



This is a fantastic resource that will help you navigate most of your needs as an eXp agent. It is important to use this resource as a guiding tool for most information you will need. I am happy to help and hold your hand in providing a resourceful guide to more content and material from other top level brokers around the country. Feel free to learn and adopt the information from all these resources and watch yourself build and create massive wealth.

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