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Some buyers believe you don’t need a Realtor when buying new construction. Their thinking is that avoiding a Realtor will save them money on the transaction, or that the builder will take the commission amount off the sale price. This is not true, even though some unscrupulous builders may try to convince you it is. On the contrary, working with a Realtor can actually help you save money and give you priceless peace of mind.

1. Existing Relationships & Know How: Realtors often have relationships with builders and can leverage this to help you get the most for your money. When buying a new home, things like appliances, sprinklers, lot premiums, fencing, and window coverings, may or may not come with the sales price. These are often costs that buyers assumed would be included, only to realize later that have to pay out of pocket for them. Realtors also know the reputations of the various builders in town. Do you want to trust just anyone to build or sell you a home?

2. Market Data: Realtors can give you insight on nearby & comparable recent sales in the specific area in which you're looking. Buyers that walk into a sales office without this data are often overcharged by a persuasive new home sales consultant.  Later, when it comes time to sell, they realize they paid more than their surrounding neighbors did for a similar home.

3. No Downside: Realtors offer their services to buyers for free. On the other hand, builders factor in the cost of realtor commissions into their pricing from the very beginning. They already expect to pay a commission to the agent representing a buyer. So what do you have to lose? If you don't use a Realtor, your interests will not be represented, and the builder will just retain the commission that was earmarked early on for that side of the transaction.


When you don’t work with a Realtor, you are by default letting the builder’s agent represent you. Make no mistake, the builder’s agent has only the builder's interest in mind, not yours. You are not their top priority no matter what they tell you, as their fiduciary responsibility is to the builder only. Having your representation from a Realtor means that an experienced professional has your back, and will work hard to ensure your interests are protected at all times!