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Savvy brothers and successful business men, Augustus and John Allen, arrived in East Texas from New York in 1832.  In 1835 and early 1836, while Texans were fighting for independence from Mexico, the Allen Brothers launched - at their own expense - a ship to protect the Texas coast and transport troops and supplies. The brothers also served as conduits for supplies and money by securing loans, from which they are said not to have taken a single cut. 

The smoke had scarcely cleared following the Battle of San Jacinto when the brothers settled on a site for their new town, located where the bayous of Buffalo & White Oak converged. Using the inheritance of one of the brothers’ wives, they purchased roughly 6000 acres of prime real estate for $5000.  They named it after Texas’ “favorite son,” and future first president of the new republic, Sam Houston.

Extolling the virtues of their new town by advertisements in papers across the country, the brothers sought to attract settlers and ambitious businessmen like themselves. They claimed Houston would "beyond all doubt, become the great interior commercial emporium of Texas." And in fact, Houston, being well-situated for water transportation, was highly regarded in the pre-railroad era, and experienced rapid growth.


Houston experienced many ups and downs during its formative years which threatened to derail its success and attractiveness to 19th century Americans.  But today, the Bayou City is recognized as one of the all-time great cities in the world. And we say, Happy Birthday, Houston!