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DEDICATION When the going gets tough, we all fall back on to what we know. Most of us retreat to a place of familiarity when we find ourselves in uncharted territory. As a world-class athlete and former U.S. Olympian, I don't remember a single time in my life when I wasn't training hard for something, and fully focused on being the BEST in my craft. What I know, and what is familiar to me, is putting in the work necessary to be best in class. And, of course, delivering results. PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Pursuit: to follow in order to overtake; to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish. Excellence: superior, first-class, eminently very good. Every day, I wake up with the mindset to pursue excellence in real estate on behalf of my clients, just as I did throughout my athletic career on behalf of Team USA. My focus since I became a REALTOR ® is squarely on proving my value to my buyers and sellers, and working tirelessly to educate them, and protect their interests in what is likely the largest financial transaction of their lives. DETAILS MATTER In the world of sports, two tenths of one second can mean the difference between gold and silver! Think about that: In the time it takes for you to blink your eye, victory can be won or lost. That's why, in certain races, there is a laser beam set up across the finish line, to accurately determine the winner. It would be impossible to distinguish with the naked eye who actually came in 1st place, in the event of a close competition. And so it is in other areas of "competition." You may not know it, but realtors are in competition every day to earn your trust and be awarded your business. We all want to come in FIRST in your mind when you think of hiring a real estate professional. You may believe that we all are prepared equally to represent you, and that we perform our duties uniformly, but that is not the case. Real estate professionals, like professionals from any other industry, and like athletes, practice and train very differently. We hold ourselves to varying degrees of excellence, and accomplish our goals based on distinct levels of knowledge, effort, and quite frankly, desire. To the naked and untrained eye, we might very well all seem about the same. But the photo finish win goes to the one that is smart, prepared, and has the endurance to go the distance.

I ONLY KNOW ONE SPEED .... FAST There are a lot of details to keep track of during even an "easy" home sale or purchase, and in the blink of an eye, you can find yourself trailing or worse yet, crashing altogether. I will not let this happen. My commitment to you is to keep my foot on the pedal so you can lay off the gas and focus on other, much more enjoyable tasks associated with your move. They say habits become character, and character becomes destiny. I agree. I have been training my entire life to practice good, daily habits that remain with me to this day. It's all I know. Put me and the dedicated team I have personally assembled to work for you, and discover for yourself the Gold to Sold difference. Keep shining, and have a great week!