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... So God created June! Ah June, "the gateway to the summer." Ah summer, when the proverbial horses are off to the races in real estate! Where buyers are on the hunt to find, purchase, and move into their new home before the kids start back up for school in the fall, and where sellers are looking to close out of their "individual inventory" before the frenzied buying season comes to an end.


Between the time a seller makes the decision to list his home, and the time the home is properly prepared to hit the market, valuable weeks will fly by--valuable because buyers will not even know it is coming and may buy something else instead. The process simply takes time. Readying a home to sell often includes:

  1. Purging: Savvy sellers recognize that a properly decluttered and tidy home make it more attractive to buyers. Buyers will look in your closets, your drawers, and even inside your major appliances. "Neat" and "organized" always pay big returns.

  2. De-Personalizing: Buyers need to envision THEMSELVES living in your home, the moment they walk in the door. Look, we know you love your kids and collection of tiny rocks or Bowie knives. But the average buyer probably will not want to see evidence of that scattered all throughout your home. Look at it like this: You're moving anyway and will eventually need to pack up all of that stuff. Why not do it now, and avoid giving buyers a reason to have doubts about your home.

  3. Cleaning: Buyers frequently object to and subsequently pass on homes that don't appear clean. This can be a visual uncleanliness (ceiling fan blades, dirty baseboards, green pool), or the presence of odors (pet, mildew, smoke) that give that impression. Buyers are excited to house hunt and start their new lives somewhere. No one wants to pay top dollar for a home where pride of the current ownership isn't readily obvious.

  4. Staging: It is simply a fact that staged homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged home. Some estimates put this as high as 87% faster, and for 17% more! We can connect you with an experienced, professional stager who can help you prepare your home for a quick sale.

  5. Paperwork: (And lots of it.) Unfortunately, this comes with the territory in any financial or legal transaction. Do you have a current survey in a drawer somewhere from when you bought the house years ago? If you have made recent improvements to the home, can you lay your hands on those receipts? Disclosures, agreements, addendums, oh my! We handle this with ease every single day and can easily walk you through the minutia.

  6. Photography/Videography: We will always hire a professional photographer and videographer to showcase your home to potential buyers. We will then use those images to prepare impressive digital and print marketing materials to reel in buyers. But, this cannot be scheduled or happen until all of the above has also been done!


The bottom line is that preparing a home to market and quickly attract buyers doesn't happen overnight. If you called us today and said "I want to list my house!" it would likely be mid-July before we could make that happen for you. We have a tried-and-true process in place to evaluate, plan, and execute our strategy to best help you! It has been tested and found to work effectively time & time again. Hey folks, the window for summer selling hasn't shut yet, but it is closing soon. Call me today if you want to take advantage of the sizzling summer selling season!