• The Gold to Sold Group


At The Gold to Sold Group, we proudly represent buyers and sellers all over this great city every single day. Residential real estate transactions are our “bread and butter,” and no doubt, our first true love. The bulk of our content in these Gold Medal Mondays clearly centers around information that may be useful to those homeowners looking to buy a new home or sell the one they are in. But, did you know that we also routinely work with investors, builders, and developers? And that we have successfully navigated the exciting waters of commercial real estate, too?


The things that are important to a current or future homeowner are not always the same things that matter to investors and those using real estate for business and/or revenue purposes. We understand this and recognize that this latter category of client often has different expectations. These clients want us to help them find deals, pure and simple, and are often quite unemotional about the transaction. To them, the numbers simply have to make sense because the whole reason they are looking to transact at all is to achieve a solid return. The math either makes sense or it does not. They are almost entirely profit-minded and focused on realizing a particular yield. 

We work with investors who buy single and multi-family properties for rental purposes. We work with investors who buy distressed properties and subsequently “flip” them. We even work with land developers who buy vacant land and later make the necessary improvements for future residential or commercial development. We are familiar with 1031 Exchanges, foreclosures, short sales, and estate and trustee sales. 


Whatever your real estate ambitions may be, you can rest assured that The Gold to Sold Group can probably help. If it’s outside our area of competence, we'll say so! And then, we would be delighted to connect you with trusted resources who can do for you what we could not.