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Local schools are back in session, football is once again being played on Sunday afternoons, and the weather is turning just a wee bit cooler. That can only mean one thing: Fall Is here!  Traditionally, the real estate market sees a dip in listings during the fall and winter months, but make no mistake, homes are still being listed. If you’re contemplating a cooler-weather month list, here are some tried and true tips to make the curb appeal of your home deliver buyers!

  • Spruce Up Your Lawn: The brilliant hues of fall foliage can instantly make your home more attractive to buyers during showings. But, don’t slack on routine lawn maintenance, and definitely be sure to keep falling leaves at bay, which can lead to brown spots on your grass.

  • Plant Fall Flowers: Once your lawn is looking its best, spice it up with a pop of color! Yellow, orange, and red perennials and even mums will convey warmth and style to your home’s exterior. Don’t forget the mulch! A 3” layer of mulch does more than just make your yard look beautiful—it protects roots, maintains moisture, and helps keep weeds to a minimum, too.

  • Highlight Your Front Door: No matter the time of year, making the front door of your home the focal point for passers-by is a winning strategy. During the fall, a simple wreath of fall foliage can add an inviting touch. 

  • Clean Out The Gutters: Staying on top of your routine maintenance assures buyers that you care about the upkeep of your home. Prevent problems before they occur, and if you can’t do that, then address them as soon as you become aware. During the fall it is especially important to clear gutters of leaves, which can quickly lead to water damage.

  • Keep Decorations Simple: Subtle fall décor is key! Door wreaths, or matching pots on either side of the front door containing seasonal flowers will make your home inviting and fresh for the season.  Even a pumpkin or two would be appropriate. But save the scarecrows and spooky Halloween decorations for next year, when your home is not on the market. 


Don’t be left out in the cold! As the days grow shorter and the temps grow cooler, buyers will still feel the warmth of your home (and want to make it their own!) if you put a little effort into the curb appeal. GO BIG OR GOurd HOME!