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When most buyers think of buying a home, they naturally consider how fun it will be to look at beautiful houses (and trust me, that part it is fun!). They dream of the day when they will sit at the closing table and get the keys to their new home. But there is a lot that happens before a serious buyer makes it to closing day!

The buying process starts with finding a realtor that you trust, and who is experienced in all facets of this particular type of real estate transaction. But before you start talking with your agent about numbers, neighborhoods, or nice-to-haves, you need to be connected with a lender! Once you have established your budget and get pre-approved, then you can begin discussing with your realtor your preferences in a new home. Your agent will actively search for homes matching your criteria, and will forward to you properties that he/she thinks you will like.  Once you have reviewed a number of homes online, you may wish to narrow the list, and choose a handful of the top contenders to go see in person. Some buyers may find a home they wish to offer on right away; others may take a dozen or more viewings. No matter your price or timeline, your agent will be with you every step of the way. Once a decision is made to extend an offer, your realtor will provide you with comps to determine a fair market value, and will also help you to review associated property disclosures. Your realtor will then submit an offer on your behalf on the required TREC contract and addenda, and negotiate vigorously to get you the best deal! Once a deal has been reached, your agent will oversee the numerous critical contract dates, will help you to coordinate inspections, re-negotiate for you if there are repair requests, and manage all interactions required with the title company, as well as any other counter parties to the transaction. Finally, after weeks of work and much anticipation, the week of closing will arrive. Your agent will help you to review settlement documents, coordinate with your lender on funding, assist in ordering a home warranty, schedule the final walk-through, remind you to transfer utilities and forward mail, and yes, make arrangements for your private appointment to close. Then, the keys are yours!


The home buying process is an important and exciting part of real estate! But there are many moving parts in even a “simple” transaction where all goes exactly to plan. Your best bet for ensuring a successful outcome starts with the person you hire to be your realtor. Choose wisely! We at the Gold To Sold Group are experienced and will get the job done right for YOU!