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Most people do not arrive at the decision to sell their home overnight. The idea to sell, for most, will marinate in the home owners’ mind for quite some time before the sign ever goes in the yard.  Maybe the reason for listing the home has to do with a job change, or unexpected news that a baby is on the way, or the arrival of the season of the dreaded empty-nest. Whatever the reason, there are often strong emotions attached to the decision on the part of the seller, because life changes almost always precipitate some degree of stress.

The selling process begins with finding a realtor that you TRUST! One that is familiar with selling homes in your area, has a keen understanding of nearby comps, and knows how to effectively market your home and showcase it in the best possible light.  You need a realtor that will not only work hard to understand your personal needs and objectives, but who can relate to what you may be experiencing emotionally throughout the transaction, and keep you focused on your 'big why."  Once you have selected your agent, you will spend time jointly consulting on numerous details. These range from where to price to the home, to improvements that may be needed to attract a buyer, to a timeline for making the home market-ready, to general expectations by both parties, to clearly defining common processes. Your agent will outline a plan which may include professional photography, videography, and various other digital and print marketing ideas, as well as connect you with outside vendors whose services may be needed to help ready your home for sale.  During this time, your agent will also prepare the litany of documents needed to legally list your home, including disclosures, addenda, and other notices which may be necessary, and will work diligently on your behalf to ensure everything is ready to go when the listing goes live! 

Once the sign goes in the yard and your home goes active in the MLS, your agent will work to coordinate showings, and communicate with any and all potentially interested parties. Your agent should keep you apprised of any feedback received, and frequently re-evaluate if you’re still on target to meet your goals.  Once an offer is received, your agent will vigorously negotiate to get you the best possible deal, then once executed, will oversee all contract dates to ensure no detail gets overlooked. Finally, your realtor will coordinate closely with numerous other counter parties (title, appraisal, inspection etc) to ensure a smooth transaction and a successful closing.


You might not arrive at the decision easily or quickly to sell your home, but once you finally resolve to list, you need someone experienced, compassionate, trustworthy, and dependable working on your behalf to ensure the job gets done right!

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