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Happy Memorial Day! I hope you have enjoyed good food, good family & friends, and good fellowship this holiday weekend, and that you took a moment out of your weekend to give thanks to those who have made it all possible.

I get asked questions from clients about the real estate market and processes often. But today, I have a question for YOU!


What do you expect from a realtor whom you hire to sell your home? Do you expect him/her to be a full-time realtor, completely dedicated to the task of getting the job done? Or is it ok if your realtor works a full-time job elsewhere and dabbles in real estate on the side? Is it important to you that she has experienced past successes and has up-to-the-minute knowledge of the specific area you live in? Or is it fine to hire just anyone, even if that individual has no proven track record in your community? Do you want him to have surrounded and associated himself with other industry experts, people who can further assist in making your transaction a smooth one? Or are you comfortable allowing the one person you hire to keep all of the balls in the air and hoping that none gets dropped?


Contrary to popular opinion, pictures posted on the MLS is not all it takes to get the phone to ring, and buyers through the door. Sadly, many agents believe this is the the case. And for years, perhaps, it was. Agents could post a few pictures on the MLS, write up a nice description of the home, and sit back and wait for buyers to stumble upon the listing. But in truth, today it takes a whole lot more. You may not realize this, but you definitely need a realtor who can and will effectively (as well as aggressively!) market your property. You also need someone who has a comprehensive plan beyond the marketing to maximize exposure and locate the perfect buyer.

Now, I can't give away all of my secrets and best strategies for doing this type of thing right here in my weekly newsletter. But I can share a few details from just the most recent example. The Gold To Sold Group is now very proudly under contract on a 1.7M dollar, very niche type listing that we took just days prior to the coronavirus pandemic virtually shutting down the entire globe. The type of buyers who are ever looking for this type of specialized property aren't just hanging out on the corner. (But, we wouldn't chance that they are, even if we, in fact, thought that they were!) From the day we went live on the market to a mere 90 days later when we executed a contract, we had multiple showings with multiple qualified and serious buyers. This was in part due to the targeted social media campaign we launched with one of our preferred partners to locate numerous potentially interested parties, each of which we contacted directly. In addition to this, our unique "walk through" video on YouTube and Facebook had 11,000 unique views alone. Long story short, this property is currently in escrow and will close early summer.


When I first started real estate, I was given some great advice by a very successful agent whom I sought to emulate in many ways. He said, "Chad, if you're not unique, you're weak." I have never forgotten that, and I believe it to be true to this day. Friends, I am well aware that there are literally thousands of other realtors in our city from which to choose. But I also know that what separates me from them is my relentless and proven work ethic and drive. Trust me when I say, I know what the difference between gold and silver is. I know first-hand, probably better than most, the regret of finishing in second place because of one tiny detail or mis-step. It's why I work as hard as I do! I train every single day to be the best at what I do, so that 1) you don't have to, and 2) I can most effectively help you accomplish your goals.

Even if you're not in the market to sell anytime soon, I'd still love to hear from you. Call me today at (866) 383-GOLD. I'd love to get to know you better, gain your trust, and be your realtor for life.