• The Gold to Sold Group


Last week we talked about buying a home contingent on the sale of a different home, and how that is the most commonly used method in real estate of juggling the two transactions when a buyer does not have sufficient cash on-hand to buy outright.  Well, a lot can change in a week.

JPAR – The Sears Group, which brokers The Gold To Sold Group, has recently become one of just three brokerages in the city of Houston to partner with the New York based home sales company, Knock.  Knock’s Home Swap program is only offered via local Knock certified agents in participating brokerages. The program allows homeowners to gain pre-approval for a new home loan from Knock, so that they can make a non-contingent offer on the home they wish to buy (before they have listed or sold their old home). Knock offers buyers down payment assistance on the buy side, and will even make up to six months mortgage payments on the old house on the sell side.  What’s more, sellers can receive an advance of up to $25K to prep the old house for sale in order to ensure it is market ready, and sells for top dollar.

Knock co-founder & CEO, Sean Black, says “Knock is taking the stress out of what can be an overwhelming and complicated process, even when everything goes exactly according to plan.”  The Home Swap program gives sellers a safe way to sell their home quickly, without having to sell to an iBuyer for a loss.  And the program enables buyers to bid with confidence, without the need for a contingency addendum, which is often rejected in favor of an offer with no contingency.


Buying and selling a home at the same time definitely has its added complexities. Clients of the Gold To Sold Group can trust that if the need arises, they will have additional resources made available to them to ensure a smooth transaction, on both sides.