• The Gold to Sold Group


In recent years, home staging has become increasingly popular – and for good reason. That’s because as more and more homes on the market are staged to sell, those that are not staged stand out—but, not in a good way!

No seller wants their home to be the one house in the neighborhood that’s up for sale completely vacant, stuffed with a decade’s worth of clutter, or full of decor that perhaps was once in style but is no longer. Competing against other homes that are tidy and tastefully staged with up-to-date, and broadly appealing décor and furniture will be challenging. Not staging your home while comparable homes around you are staging theirs simply means that your house will likely be among the last to sell. 

Home Staging is a proven and effective sales technique that integrates decorating with marketing to create an experience for home buyers. It’s more than just furnishing a home. It is the deliberate visual presentation of a property, clearly defining each space to showcase its potential or sell a particular lifestyle.

Home Staging is also about creating an emotional connection. Most of today’s buyers start the search for their next home online. If they don't like what they see there, it will be difficult to get them to come see the home in person. As with most everything, first impressions matter.


An unintended consequence of the rise of HGTV is that buyers very often expect a house to show like a model home. Therefore, the investment in professional home staging is money well-spent, and will always be less than the first list price reduction.