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Some Things Never Go Out Of Style

I get asked a lot, "What can I do to enjoy my home more while I'm still living in it, and that will help it to sell better when the time comes?" Undoubtedly, all homeowners want to make their house their own with personal touches & finishes throughout. But many of those same homeowners are later frustrated when they go to sell their home, and find that buyers don't share their love and appreciation of the selections made. So if you're in the market to make some updates to your home, and you think you might sell it in the next 5 years, here is where experts and seasoned realtors will tell you to spend your money and efforts.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodels can be very expensive. But, less expensive updates in the most important room of the house can pack a powerful punch, too! Dated cabinetry can be given new life with a fresh coat of paint, or a refinishing to keep up with the latest trends. Swapping out the hardware is an inexpensive way to make what's old look fresh and new. New countertops & SS appliances are always a safe bet, and will have a great return. And don't neglect the lighting! Buyers love statement pendant & island light fixtures, and have rather come to expect under cabinet lights in recent years.

Make Your Master Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

The most important features of the master bathroom include the shower, tub, and vanity areas. Go ahead! Create a beautiful walk-in shower or consider a freestanding tub as a focal point to anchor the room. Update the countertops and sink hardware to something elegant and deserving of a master retreat. Incorporate scents and decorative items. Place candles & fresh decor strategically throughout your bathroom.

Fresh Paint Is A Must

Choose a neutral color that makes the space feel larger and appeals to the greatest number of people. Tour a model home in your area to see the latest color trends. Many homeowners can't visualize what something might look like, but instead need to see it in person. Crisp clean walls, and consistent neutral colors throughout, will always improve the value of a home.

Ditch the Carpet

Carpet may be welcomed in bedrooms, but it is not widely appreciated in other areas of the home, and is by far the biggest complaint among buyers. Removing carpet in a home and replacing it with some of the more updated flooring options that are available can bring instant value.  And there are so many choices! Wood floors, wood-look tile, engineered wood, porcelain tile, and travertine to name a few. Vinyl has also come a long way! Luxury vinyl tiles are popular in many homes due to their lower price point, resistance to water, and being soft underfoot.

Curb Appeal Matters, Too

The many updates you do inside the home may all be for naught if you can't get buyers inside the door because the outside looks neglected. A little landscaping goes a long way! Bright seasonal flowers, fresh black mulch for the flower beds, and planters on the front porch welcome buyers and draw them in. The opposite is also true. Can't see the forest for the trees? If so, it's time to trim those shrubs, cut back tree limbs, and pull pesky weeds. Freshen the front door with a fresh coat of paint and an inviting wreath. Pressure wash your driveway and/or sidewalks so everything is clean. Consider outdoor landscape lighting because yes, buyers drive by at night, too!

Friends, what improvements have you made to your home recently? I'd love to hear about the projects you have going on at home that will add years to your own enjoyment there while also keeping an eye on future re-salability.